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Nick / IRC: alexos on GnomeIRC [] ( #gnome-br,#sysadmin,#webhackers )

GPG Key Id: 1024D/E5157C6E

Localization: Salvador - Bahia - Brasil

About me

* Member of FUG-BR (FreeBSD User Group Brasil)
* Administrator of the Ubuntu Brasil - BA Team
* Member of the Ubuntu Brazilian Planet Team
* Member of the Ubuntu Brazilian Translatores Team
* Member of the Ubuntu Brasil - SP Team
* Member of the Ubuntu Arcanos Team
* Member of the Ubuntu Brazilian Documentation Team Team
* Member of the LearnLinux Brazilian Portuguese Translators Team
* Member/Founding of the Ubuntu Brazilian Security Team
* Member of the Ubuntu Members
* Member of the Academic Linux-BR Members
* Member of the Ubuntu Directory Services Members
* Member of the Ubuntu Brazilian Users Members
* Member of the Ubuntu Brazilian Team Members
* Member of the Debian GNU/Linux Users

Ubuntu Goals

Ubuntu Brazilian Planet's Autor

Colaborations in Ubuntu-Games

Colaborations in Guia Inicial Não Oficial do Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper Drake)

Colaborations in Garimpeiros de Fóruns, blogs, listas!!

Colaborations in Edgy Eft Testing

Colaborations in Cacti Tutorial Translation

Creation of the Ubuntu Brazilian Security Team wiki page

Support in Launchpad

Support newbie users on Freenode [] in #Ubuntu-BR chat room

Article's autor about VServers

Article's autor about Nmap

Article's autor about Nessus

Article's autor about Ossec HIDS

Article's autor about Snort

Article's autor about Postfix

Article's autor about Zabbix

Article's autor about Cacti

Article's autor about Nikto

Article's autor about SSH_DSA

Article's autor about Postfix+Spamassassin+Clamav

Presentation about Vulnerability Analisys using Ubuntu Free Security Presentation at 3o. Free Software Festival in Unime University

Presentation about to improve contribution to Ubuntu-BR Presentation at 1o. Free Software Meeting in Area1 University

Ubuntu Translations in Rosetta

More than 100099 translations performed to the day! My contributions can be seen here.


Alexandro has been a very active member of our community, both in translations as well as attending to meetings and advocating Ubuntu in Brazilian state of Bahia (which is quite a big place, roughly the size of Spain). He recently presented a lecture on network security using Ubuntu on a Free Software Festival, and it was so crowded that people had to stand up to see! He really deserves to be a Ubuntu member, as he collaborates so much. (Testimonial by AlexandreOttoStrube )

Alexandro is without a doubt a very strong Linux and Ubuntu advocate at his home state of Bahia, Brazil. Together with a small group of volunteers, he just recently helped the organization and ran the Ubuntu Brasil booth at the III Festival Software Livre da Bahia. These individuals have done several of such events, often paying for all of their expenses out of their own pocket. Alexandro's passion is security and he's pioneered the Brazilian Security Team. Based on his advocacy and complete embrace of the Ubuntu "way of life," I strongly endorse his candidacy to the Ubuntu Team. OgMaciel

Alexandro has been an important piece of Ubuntu Brasil. And he's doing a great job on security area and nUbuntu. AndreNoel

Alexandro has been doing a great job on the brazilian team, evagelization is his name. His perfomances can be seen in your translations, wiki pages and lectures on the Linux Festivals. One big and active member for the Ubuntu family... FRNSantos - <deb-user-ba SPAMFREE AT ubuntu DOT com>

Alexandro does a good job with security team a subteam of the ubuntu brazilian team. He translates all Ubuntu Security News to pt_BR, this job, IMHO, is very important for ubuntu brazilian users. He is an active member in ubuntu-br. LicioFernando -


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