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Nome Real: Laudeci Oliveira, aka Pretto


Blog: (pt_BR)

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e-mail: <laudeci AT>

Jabber ID: pretto AT

OpenPGP: F9178ED7

IRC nick: Pretto na rede Freenode, canal #ubuntu-br and #aptoncd and #ubuntu-br-al)

Onde:Geralmente onde moro, em Maceió-AL


Para o Ubuntu

  • Mantenedor do Blog dedicado a tópicos relacionados ao Ubuntu, Ubuntu-BR, Python e APTonCD.



    The CD/DVD 2 Creator for Ubuntu

  • APTonCD is the most important project i am involved! I'm working very hard to develop this tool with [RafaelProenca] for all Ubuntu Community.

  • What is APTonCD?
    • APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs (you choose the type of media) with all of the packages you've downloaded via APT-GET or APTITUDE, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers. APTonCD will also allow you to automatically create media with all of your .deb packages located in one especific repository, so that you can install them into your computers without the need for an internet conection.
  • To learn more about the projet, please, visit the APTonCD project page in

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