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Nome Real: Rafael Proença, aka CypherBIOS

Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/people/cypherbios

Blog: http://www.cypherbios.org

Googled: Faça uma busca sobre mim

e-mail: <cypherbios AT ubuntu.com>

e-mail: <cypherbios AT gmail.com>

Jabber ID: cypherbios AT jabber.org

OpenPGP: 52E14602

IRC nick: CypherBIOS na rede Freenode, canal #ubuntu-br-doc and #aptoncd)

Onde: Quando não estou no cyberspaço da Matrix? hum... ahh, Em Curitiba-PR, onde moro.

en Wiki: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/CypherBios


  • I met CypherBIOS (Rafael Proença) after the metting in which the ubuntu-br-doc was created. Since then we did a huge work to organize the activities and to develop the strucure necessary to the growth of the team. Particularly I like to work with him and I can say his my best partner in the community (fortunately we have a good sinergy). Rafael has the colaborative spirit of Ubuntu and has a great envolvement in the mailing list. He also does an excelent job on APTonCD, a promising software which in my opinion deserves a special attention of Edubuntu developers. - Rafael Sfair

  • Rafael Proença, or CypherBIOS as he's known in the brazilian community, is one of the new volunteers who stood out from the crowd. When we needed someone to organize and lead the newly created Documentation Team for the brazilian community, he stepped up to the plate! Together with an amazing group of volunteers (sfair, guilherme, birula, josevitor, AlexRocha, to name a few), he's done a great job of creating a brand new repository of documentation as well as getting new volunteers to colaborate. He's got my support on his candidacy to the Ubuntu Team! OgMaciel

  • Rafael is a very good document writer and organizer. He is responsible for great part of the force of the documentation team. AndreNoel

  • I'm a linux user for less than one year and I was surprised by the receptivity of the brazilian team, whose participants are always opened to new members. This spirit is also found in Rafael, which is my friend and always incentive my work on the documentation team. Rafael's abilities to manage projects and to leadership make him responsible for the volume and quality of the informations in the brazilian wiki. Jose Vitor

    • Sou usuário de Linux a menos de um ano e me surpreendi com a receptividade da comunidade pois seus membros recebem todos de braços abertos. Este é o espírito que se vê no Rafael, nele encontrei um grande amigo e incentivador do meu trabalho na documentação. Sua capacidade de gerenciar grandes projetos e instindo de liderança o fazem responsável direto pelo volume e qualidade das informações no wiki brasileiro. Jose Vitor

  • Documentation should be treated as software is. With reviews, versions, mockups, testing, stabilization. This kind of treatment CypherBIOS does to our Brazilian Documentation. I wouldn't expect anything better than he does from anyone in this task. He has been developing a good work in several areas in our local community and has obviously some experience to share worldwide. KurtKraut

  • I met Rafael when I joined to Ubuntu Brazil Documentation Team. Since then, he surprised me by the attention that he gives to the team, always helping who has any type of doubt. Today I have pride to say that I work with he. - GuilhermePaula / GuilhermePaula

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